What's New On CoolBeachCars.com??

  • The Mini Moke page has finally started to take shape!
  • We start to "fill in the gaps" about who we are and why we built this site on the "About Us" page.
  • Plans are underway for a free quarterly e-mail newsletter that will track the current prices of the makes and models that we follow, as well as highlight particular cars - both collectable cars as well as projects and "barn finds."  We will be including a "Classifieds Section" as well as list of parts suppliers and shops that specialize in repairs of these rare vehicles.

Welcome to CoolBeachCars.com!


(Two Fiat Jolly 500's in Palm Beach.  Photo credit: Don Rich & Jim Inglis)

      Thanks for visiting CoolBeachCars.com, the site for beach car enthusiasts!  We started this site in June 2007 in order to assemble as much information and history of all of those really cool cars that have come to be known as "beach cars".  Just click on the tabs at the left to start viewing what is rapidly becoming the most visited collection of facts and photos of "Cool Beach Cars" on the Web!  Thanks to several of our friends (both old and new) that have allowed us access to their private collections and photos, many of these photos have never before been published, and cannot be found anywhere else!  If you have an original photo, or know of additional facts relating to these cars that you would like to share with other beach car fans, or if you know of a model that should be included in this collection, please contact us at info@coolbeachcars.com so that we can add it to this site!  Thanks for helping us build what we hope will be the largest and most comprehensive free website devoted to "Cool Beach Cars!"  Hopefully we will cover all of your favorites, as well as add some that you might not even have heard of, so please be sure to check back often!

CBC Quiz: What 20th century United States President was a Cool Beach Car fan? 

President Lyndon Johnson owned a Fiat 500 Jolly and an Amphicar, and used both at his Texas ranch.  Photos of each are included in this site!


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